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Saturday, September 3

Something happened this Saturday that many of us have been hoping for since we first came to Penn North: we were able to give immediate help to a guest who wanted to enter drug treatment. It's all thanks to our friend Vincent from Tuerk House. A guest trusted Nina enough to tell her that she was ready to accept help. Nina brought in Vincent who helped the guest move from decision to action and brought her to Tuerk House and to the hospital for the care she needed. And Daryl played a critical role in helping to bring all the pieces together, in his usual understated way. We are grateful for Nina's warm heart, Daryl's wisdom, Vincent's calm and compassion, and for Tuerk House, which has the flexibility and openness to meet people where they are.

I'm not even sure all of the amazing volunteers who came out this week realized what was happening as they were busy doing what they do best. Great. Day.

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