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Saturday, September 17

Our kitchen volunteers worked really hard this week on our homemade meatballs and from-scratch marinara so I was thrilled to hear lots of positive feedback from our guests. Is there any better feeling than showing people you care about them by serving them good food? Not for me!

We had a line of people waiting for us, as usual, this week when we showed up to serve. Our guests and neighbors helped us unload our cars and set everything up. We served all 150 meals in no time, thanks to efficient serving and a big crowd of waiting regulars. As we continue to up the number of meals we can prepare each week thanks to our new shared kitchen (Our Time Kitchen) and partnership with Rock Rose Food Justice Project, I am excited for new fall menu items using more local and organic produce.

Our "Cookie Lady" aka Nina was away this week and I did not attempt to replicate her amazing chocolate chip cookies. So instead I filled in with cookies from Penn North favorite The Avenue Bakery, which were an equally big hit.

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