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Saturday, Sept. 25

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Gorgeous day, wonderful bunch of volunteers! When we have 7-8 people out serving, we can each take a little extra time to chat with our guests. While volunteer Barbara and I were passing out water, masks, and wet wipes to people waiting in line, I could see our other volunteers all having conversations with not only our guests but also the young guys who hang out near us while we serve. They haven't been around in several months but I was glad to have them back. I have always appreciated that they welcome us into their space and we strive to treat them warmly and respectfully in return. One of these young guys is now our official portrait photographer and takes our group photo for us each week.

The best chat I had this week was when I dropped in on a conversation volunteer Nina was having with a guest. I had been watching him take a loooong time to get from point A to point B along our tables and it was only when I saw him talking to Nina did I realize that part of what was slowing him down was that he was trying to have a little chat with each volunteer along the way. Nina was the last stop and they were having a longer talk, in which she told him that I made the cornbread, and called me over to say hello. I asked him if it was good and he teased me for a minute and then said, yes, it was delicious. I told him that made my day, and he said, "You all are out here spreading kindness and putting smiles on our faces for a minute, and I want to give that smile back to each of you." Talking with him was a great reminder of how slowing down to talk with people reveals layers you could easily miss otherwise. I'm so grateful to this stellar volunteer crew for giving us all the chance to do what Love & Cornbread does best: make connections through food.

Stats: 50 red beans & rice and cornbread, 50 bag lunches, 80 waters, 5 gallons mango iced tea, and 71 hygiene kits.

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