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Saturday, October 1

Rain doesn't stop us! We popped up our canopy tents and kept everyone dry. It was the perfect day for the first hot soup of the year: a garlicky white bean vegetable soup served with rolls, bananas, bag lunches, and homemade chocolate chip cookies. We had lots of compliments and request for seconds on the soup - well done, Wednesday night cooking crew!

I love the two-pic sequence below of me talking with a guest in line. He saw me bopping along with the music and gently teased me about it. In two years of Saturdays, I have never had a bad conversation with a guest. Sometimes we chit chat about the weather, sometimes we go real deep real quick, sometimes folks just need to tell their story, and sometimes we start joking around like we have known each other forever. Only in Baltimore do you get this kind of immediate openness with each other. It was another one of those heart-filling days.

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