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Saturday, Oct. 9

We switched it up today, and moved across the street to a new location. Our good friend and partner Coach from the barbershop told us that if we set up next to his store, we would be in neutral territory and there would be less drama and stress. As always, he was 100% right. It was a totally different feeling today: people were more relaxed and everything just flowed. And the best part is that Coach was able to stay with us the whole time, which lifts us all up. He always says we give him positive energy but he gives it back to us just as much.

We served more people than ever before today but because the line moved so much more smoothly, it felt easy. We had meatball subs, Nathan's hot dogs (thanks to Denise Whiting for the donation) and the usual bag lunches, clementines, and snacks.

A new guest looked at the sign and said, "What does Love & Cornbread mean?" and I said, "It means showing people love through food" and she said, "I get that, I get that." And that's just what we did today with an amazing and flexible crew of volunteers. And IT FELT GREAT.

Stats: 72 meatball subs, 36 hot dogs, 50 bag lunches, 60 clementines, 60 packs of Famous Amos cookies, 80 packets of peanuts, 7 gallons of mango iced tea, 75 bottled waters, 60 hygiene kits and a whole lotta masks.

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