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Saturday, Oct. 30

Today we celebrated our one-year anniversary with a Halloween party. We dressed up, gave out trick-or-treat candy and Halloween cupcakes, dressed up in our Halloween best and just generally had a great time. Short version: Amazing day! So many wonderful people came together to donate food and supplies and to serve our fast-moving line of 100+ guests - thank you all! In our new location, the line flows so smoothly and quickly that we help more people than ever before, in less time, with greater ease. We invited all of our former volunteers to come out and join us and it was so much fun to have a dozen of us out there together.

Among many highlights, I'll share that our friend and regular guest Elijah, who lives and works nearby, joined us to serve. He is a quiet, charming soul and a fantastic volunteer. He has promised to come back regularly to help and we could not be more thrilled.

I can't believe that one year ago I filled my car with containers of mac & cheese and stood by myself on this corner, desperate to DO something, to feed someone, anyone. To be surrounded today by these joyful, warm, friendly people - on both sides of the table - is a simple miracle. There are so many regulars I call friends now, and am excited to see each week. And our volunteers are incredible. My heart is more than full.

Stats: 90 hot dogs, 66 mac & cheese, 45 cornbread (I ran out of cornmeal! on today of all days! oh the irony...), 100+ spooky and hilarious bag lunches, 80 Halloweeny witch cupcakes, 90 trick or treat bags of candy, 5 bunches clementines, 10 gallons mango iced tea, 60 bottles of water, and lots of masks

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