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Saturday, Oct. 23

We were all buzzing today with how good it felt to be in our new location. Such good vibes! And not only did we get to see our friend Coach, but he brought along his equally wonderful brother and sister to help serve. We also had several regulars show up early to help us set up and promise to come next week to volunteer as well. I think our new space feels more comfortable for them too. And the young guys who hang out in our old space now come over and say, "We miss you!" and we say, "We miss you too!" and fill them up with good food. Even our talks with them feel different now, standing outside of their "business" zone.

Now that we have 7-8 volunteers serving each week, plus our on-the-spot helpers, each of us has more time to chat with guests. I saw each volunteer having a conversation ranging from silly to serious with a guest at one point or another. For me, on the silly side, two different guests today wanted to guess my age: this is a recurring theme for me for some reason? And on the serious side, I was relieved to see the beloved regular who was revived by paramedics a few weeks ago. We hugged and he told me that he just moved out of the shelter and into his own place, thanks to the help of his caseworker.

The only word I have for this week is: joy. Our volunteers behind the scenes poured so much care and attention into the food and supplies they prepared and our front-line volunteers brought so much warmth, grace, and humor to their interactions with our guests that the atmosphere was pure joy.

I can't believe we pull off this small miracle every week with a couple of folding tables on a street corner. And I can't wait until next week's anniversary/Halloween party, when we will REALLY turn it out. Thank you, thank you, amazing Cornbread Friends and stay tuned!

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