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Saturday, Oct. 16

Today's highlight was hanging out with Alvin, a new guest who showed up asking to volunteer. He jumped right in, collecting and recycling our empty boxes, waving over people for us to serve, and joking around with the other volunteers. He told us he was four months clean, and appreciated the chance to help others. His example inspired a regular guest to tell me as leaving, "I need to step up too. Can I volunteer with you next week?" Nothing makes me more proud of what we (meaning all of our amazing volunteers) have built over than last year than having people from the neighborhood join in alongside us. Thank you, thank you, my Saturday serving friends, for creating such a warm and inclusive space, out of nowhere, in the middle of the sidewalk, week after week.

Our new serving spot alongside the barber shop is working out beautifully, here in week #2. The vibe is better, the line flows naturally, and we can serve more people, more quickly, with less effort. 1,000% improvement. Lots of exciting plans for the fall, including a Halloween-themed celebration and a free vet clinic. Stay tuned!

Stats: 64 breakfast burritos, 75 bag lunches, 80 homemade muffins, bananas/clementines/snacks galore, 48 jam-picked hygiene kits, 48 hand sanitizers, 75 waters, 7 gallons mango iced tea and many, many, many masks.

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