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Saturday, Nov. 6

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Two wonderful things about today:

  1. Fabulous, donated hand-knitted scarves: Volunteer Barbara put her heart into helping guests find a scarf that matched their outfits. Seeing the smiles on their faces as they came through the line made my day )

  2. New volunteers: We were joined by Barbara's husband Tom and new friend Beth who both jumped right in and did a wonderful job. Elijah was back volunteering as well, and took on hot chocolate duty. It was a quieter day than we've seen in a while, which gave us more time to chat with folks. Cold weather is here so we handed out hand-warmers and hot chocolate along with the scarves. We are always in need of new socks, new hats, hand-warmers, and other cold weather supplies.

Update: 64 breakfast burritos, 40 bag lunches, 5 bags of clementines, lots of snacks, 5 gallons of hot chocolate, 87 wellness kits, and a ton of masks.

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