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Saturday, Nov. 28 Update:

Saturday, Nov. 28 Service

Stats: 43 servings of cheese grits with sides of cornbread and sweet bread, 64 bottles of water, and 50 wellness/snack kits plus another 100 disposable masks and 4 bottles of sanitizer

I learned an important lesson today about regional grits preferences. While my Memphis-born mother raised me on cheese grits with hot sauce, here in Baltimore a lot of folks came up eating grits with sugar and butter. Next time I'll split the batch half and half.

Thanks to the kindness of the friends of Love & Cornbread, I had so much to give out today that my car could barely hold it all. A neighbor who works for Baltimore Medical System donated 50 wellness bags, each containing 4 disposable masks, a bottle of hand sanitizer, a thermometer, and a Covid symptom sheet. I added a banana and some snacks to each bag and gave them away alongside the meals. Masks and sanitizer continue to be in huge demand so these wellness bags were extremely popular. I gave out another 100 disposable masks once the wellness kits ran out, and people continue to refill their small bottles of hand sanitizer from my jug.

And as I posted last night, my call for baked goods went over much bigger than I expected. I cut all 28 loaves into generous slices, wrapped up 2 slices per person, and passed them out alongside the grits and cornbread. The sweet items were a big hit, and many people came back for seconds (I keep extras to the side for anyone who wants more).

I'm overwhelmed and overjoyed by the support and donations I've received so far. Every week when I serve, the thing people say to me most often is, "God bless you," and so I want to pass that message on to all the people who baked, who Venmo'd, who left boxes of masks outside my door, who sent bottles of hand sanitizer anonymously via Amazon, and who sent me kind words of support - bless you all, from the bottom of my Baltimore-loving heart.

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