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Saturday, Nov. 21 Update:

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Stats: 45 meals, 50 bottles of water, 195 masks, 4 large bottles hand sanitizer

I was in the Indian market this week and saw dried black-eyed peas, which made me think of Hoppin' John, which is supposed to bring good luck if you eat it on New Year's Day. I can't think of anything I'd like more than to see the end of 2020 right now and we could all use some good luck, so I went with that ideas. Plus, Hoppin' John is perfect with cornbread.

There were a lot of people on the corner today, probably because of the nice weather. I served all the food and gave away all the masks in less than 15 minutes, as usual. A woman I have seen a few times offered to help me serve. People always help me unload and set up, but she helped unload my car, set up my table, expertly handled mask distribution while I was passing out food, and wiped down the table with hand sanitizer and a napkin when we were done. I thanked her and told her she was way more organized than me. She said she used to serve meals over at a rescue mission on the East Side so she knew the work.

Because of the generous donations I've received in the last two weeks, I was able to increase the number of masks I gave out this week to 180 disposable and 15 reusable. Both kinds of masks are in high demand - people will gladly take as many as offered. It's been wonderful to be able to give out bottles of hand sanitizer thanks to kind donors as well. The bottles get a second life when people come back for refills - which I encourage - from the big jug of sanitizer I put out on the table.

As Covid seems to be entering yet another intense wave of spreading here in Baltimore I am so grateful that - thanks to kind neighbors and friends - we can give people the important and hard-to-get supplies that help them stay healthy.

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