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Saturday, Nov. 20

Cold hands, warm hearts! We had a wonderful crew out today - and welcomed three great brand-new serving volunteers. It seemed like there were more moments of connection and heartbreak and laughter than usual today. I can't believe how much life happens in just one hour on a Saturday. There were a couple of stories that feel too private to share here, but the short version is that our volunteers opened their hearts to help and support two different guests in crisis, one elderly and one young. It feels good to be able to help in a small way in the moment, but it is also painful to realize that it's only a moment. We also had a couple of guests show up at the very end when were out of food, and the feeling of having nothing to offer a person who has the courage to ask for help is horrible. We managed to pull a few things together for them but we don't always have that trick up our sleeve. Oh man, these kids! Check out the photos to see some of our friends from our old serving location sporting their new hand-knitted hats and scarves. I love that they come visit us every week - they always crack us up. Lovelyarns yarn store in Hampden donated two enormous bags of colorful, warm hats.

Stats: 80 burritos, 50 bag lunches, 5 bags clementines, 5 gallons hot cocoa, 80 beautiful cupcakes, 50 wellness kits, 60 handwarmers, 50 emergency blankets, and lots of masks.

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