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Saturday, Nov. 13 Update

S-s-s-s-oooooo C-c-c-c-ooooold....sooooooo wet. The rain started pouring and the wind started howling exactly at noon on Saturday. Our fingers were numb and we huddled together for warmth while volunteer Elijah didn't even seem to feel the cold. He was as friendly and upbeat as ever - I'm guessing his years in the military taught him not to complain about a little rain.

I noticed that our guests gave us some extra heartfelt thank-you's for showing up on such a miserable day. I particularly appreciate it when people pause, read our name tags, and thank or bless us each by name before they leave. That fills my heart every time.

We also had a couple of regular guests ask us about resources for housing or treatment, and we worked hard to get them connected to the right places, which is a long story for another day. Challenging days like this one remind me that this is exactly when our presence means the most. By showing up week after week even when the weather is horrible, we build trust and connection and that's what we are out there to do. We love to feed people, but it's how we feed people and the connections we make with them, that show our true mission. Thank you, amazing volunteers, for getting totally and completely soaked and frozen today in the name of a better Baltimore.

Stats: 70 breakfast burritos, 120 bag lunches, 5 bags clementines, lots of snacks and masks, tons of toiletry kits, 5 gallons mango iced tea (guess who misread the weather?), and lots of masks

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