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Saturday, May 8 Update

Saturday, May 8 Update

I was out of town this weekend and left our operation in the hands of an amazing group of volunteers. So grateful for the help of this steady crew!

I hear it was an extremely busy day with the largest turnout of guests yet. That tells me we need to be ready with extra volunteers for future weeks as the weather gets nicer. Could that be you? I never did any kind of direct service before this year and thought that it was “not my thing.” I was shocked to discover how natural it felt and how much I loved it. Now it is the thing I look forward to most every week. If you’re wondering if volunteering is “your thing” or not, drop me an email and ask your questions - no judgement. All are welcome, and can contribute in whatever way is right for them: or

Stats: 40+ servings of jambalaya with cornbread, a big old cooler of cold lemonade, clementines and bananas, and bottles of water. We handed out bag lunches and wellness kits as well as masks.

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