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Saturday, May 7

Much like this rainbow, the weather was a happy surprise this week. I was prepared for a quick in/out service during a major downpour. I scaled down the quantity and variety of our usual offerings, dug out the canopy, and asked half our scheduled volunteers to stay home as we would not all fit under the tent and I didn't want to give anyone pneumonia. And what happened? A light mist and even some sun peeking through. Argh! But on the upside, we still served 90 guests in about 30 minutes flat.

We had special guests in the form of our friend Jenn from First Fruits Farm and her son Shaun. Together with the Hereford High Boys Varsity Lacrosse team, they whipped up 100 bag lunches for our guests. Much appreciated, Bulls!

Stats: 80 breakfast burritos, 100 bag lunches, 80 waters, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and 250 masks.

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