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Saturday, May 29

So cold! So wet! The rain held off but it was bone-chilling out there this week. The hot coffee went fast as everyone wanted something warm to drink. We saw the full range of folks, from people who seemed to have not eaten in days to the guest who said, “I’m on my way to work - this is just a little something extra to tide me over.” I’m as happy to serve the person on the way to work as I am to serve the person who hasn’t eaten in days. We are a free pop-up cafe, open to all. We want to feed everyone, no exceptions and no judgement.

Regular guest Sheldon showed up to help unload our cars, as he always offers to do. He makes a point of greeting and thanking each of us by name, and trying to remember who is who each week without looking at our name tags. We talked a bit about the Pimlico race track and Baltimore city economic redevelopment while I updated our chalkboard with the day’s menu.

Cooking-wise, it was a successful week. The red beans & rice got a lot of compliments (I gotta say, it came out pretty darn delicious) as did the breakfast burritos, which were a successful experiment this week. I think they’ll be a staple of future menus. Watch this space for a call for Breakfast Burrito Buddies coming soon.

As always, we’d love your help serving, cooking, making bag lunches, or donating hygiene items:

Stats: 50 servings of red beans & rice with cornbread, 24 breakfast burritos, 40 tomato salads, 40+ bag lunches, 2 gallons of hot coffee, clementines and bananas, and bottles of water. We also handed out masks, soap, sanitizer, and toothbrushes and toothpaste.

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