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Saturday, May 28

The highlight for me this Saturday was a conversation I overheard as we were packing up. A couple of guests who had just visited us for the first time came over to thank volunteer Nina. I heard one of them say to her, "Thank you for what you do. It's a different vibe here with you all than with any other group who comes out. I appreciate it." And I heard Nina say, "Many of us have been through hard times ourselves, so we understand. We appreciate you."

And that's Love & Cornbread's mission in a nutshell: to connect with our neighbors, person to person. We work hard to make sure "we have the best stuff," as our guests often say we do. But our real goal is to make human connections. Every conversation, every smile, every hug brings us as much joy and comfort as it does our guests.

The most important thing we bring with us each week is our radical hospitality. All of our volunteers show up with their own version of Charm City warmth and friendliness. I always think about the time back in our early days when volunteer Janeene greeted a shy, first-time guest with, "Well, there you are, hon! I've been waiting for you all day!" The smile that slowly broke over his face as he realized she was welcoming him with this gentle teasing was priceless. That exchange always sticks in my mind as what L&C is all about. Our amazing serving volunteers are the ones who create that special vibe every week. Thank you so much to this week's serving crew for doing what they do so well.

Stats: 201 Southern-style tuna salad sandwiches with pickle relish and hard-boiled eggs, 60 egg salad sandwiches with Old Bay, a case of bananas, 6 bags of clementines, a mess of snacks, 140 bottles of water, 500 masks, 150 brand-new socks, and 100 soaps.

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