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Saturday, May 22

So freaking hot! It was already in the mid-90s when we showed up at noon, but we were in the shade of the barber shop. Over the hour we spent serving, though, the sun moved and we were full-on broiling by the end. We had a large, steady crowd and we gave everything away in 45 minutes so it all worked out perfectly.

We had a lot going on today and I'm so grateful for all of these veteran volunteers who kept everything moving smoothly. We had backpacks to give out and we filled them with soap, standard and N90 masks, at- home Covid tests, (thank you, Baltimore City Health Department), breakfast burritos, snacks, bananas, clementines, and bag lunches. We also brought back our famous mango iced tea and cold bottled water.

Stats: 106 breakfast burritos, 100 bag lunches, 500 standard masks, 100 N90 masks, 130 Covid at-home test kits, 94 soaps, 100 backpacks, a case of bananas, a case of clementines, snacks a plenty, 5 gallons of mango iced tea and 154 cold bottles of water.

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