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Saturday, May 15 Update

Saturday, May 15 Update

The most striking thing that happened this week was that a man named Henry, whom I’d never met before, chatted with me briefly, then paused and asked if I knew a good drug treatment center. He said he was tired of being addicted and needed “some backbone” to help him quit. I texted him information for Baltimore’s Tuerk House. I have no idea if he’ll make that call one day but I am grateful that he trusted me enough to ask. And now I have the Tuerk House number in my phone ready to go for the next person who asks me that question.

That interaction reminded me of why it is so important for us to be out there every Saturday at noon, without fail. We have some beloved regulars but even so we never know who will show up from week to week. So we strive to be the predictable ones. We want everyone we serve to know that there will always be a warm, judgement-free welcome and delicious food waiting for them, whenever and however they show up. It is a small thing to say, “We are so glad to see you, just as you are,” but it is a powerful practice.

We had some wonderful help this week from a first-time volunteer cook. And inspired by the gorgeous salads from last week, I offered side salads to go with the pasta (instead of the usual garlic bread or cornbread) and they were a big hit as well.

We need your help, too. As the weather gets nicer and people are vaccinated, we have more open volunteer slots. Check out how easy it is to sign up and help - it’s the best feeling you can imagine to help your neighbors:

Stats: 40+ servings of baked ziti with cornbread, a big cooler of cold mango lemonade, clementines and bananas, and bottles of water. We handed out bag lunches and wellness kits as well as masks.

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