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Saturday, May 14

Lot of good vibes today. Even more guests than usual goofed around with me this week, which always makes me happy. One guy gave me some impromptu coaching on my dance technique (which needs a lot of work - let's be honest) and had me cracking me up. Then Asia, a guest who's looking much healthier and happier lately, spotted the sidewalk chalk in our box of supplies and asked if she could have it as she does art as a hobby. I said absolutely, and handed it over. Volunteer Jill asked if she could take a picture of Asia with the chalk and we got an impromptu modeling session against the No Parking sign (complete with "smizing" and exaggerated pouts that would have done Tyra Banks proud). Again, cracked us right up. The only problem was she did her best poses before Jill had her camera ready to shoot. It is such a gift to spend this hour with our fellow humans every week. Thank you to all the volunteers on the street and behind the scenes who make this magic happen every Saturday at noon. Stats: 148 breakfast burritos, 120 pairs of socks, 80 bottles of water, 100 bag lunches, a case of bananas, 4 bags of clementines, 300 masks, and a ton of snacks.

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