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Saturday, May 1 Update

This week we had a wonderful new offering: farm-fresh green salads. How fresh? I picked all 66 heads of lettuce myself on Friday, and we served them Saturday. (That sounds like a lot of harvesting time - it actually only took about 10 minutes and took place in a greenhouse.) The lettuce came us to thanks to First Fruits Farm which produces and gives away 18 million pounds of produce a year. Two volunteers transformed this gorgeous lettuce into simple green salads for us and we gave away all 50 salads in no time on Saturday - several people even came back and asked for seconds.

My favorite comment this week was from one of the teenagers who hangs out nearby while we serve: one of them saw all the good stuff we were setting up on our tables and said, “Damn, y’all are turning it OUT today!” He was absolutely right - it felt great to be able to offer so much delicious, homemade, healthy food from red beans & rice, to clementines and bananas (both are super popular every week) , and gorgeous green salads.

What a great volunteer crew this week (and every week!) We had a mother-and-daughter duo return for their third time helping to serve, and we also had our usual fantastic crew of regular volunteers who set the tone each week by making our guests feel welcome and loved.

We also had a cooking duo in the house. Volunteer Irene recruited her neighbor and together they dished out 40+ servings of delicious red beans and rice for us this week. Always more fun to cook with a friend! I think you can see from our photos what a good time we have out there. If you’d like to join us for what I promise will be the best feeling you have all week, visit our Volunteer page.

Stats: 42 servings of red beans & rice with cornbread, 50 stunning green salads, 2 gallons of hot coffee, 2 bags of clementines and oranges, several bunches of bananas, 48 bottles of water. We handed out 40+ bag lunches and 30 wellness kits as well as 150 masks and 15 mini-sanitizers.

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