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Saturday, March 26

It's always a good day when walking-ray-of-sunshine Jenn Riley Gillispie and her handy husband Travis Gillispie from First Fruits Farm join you to serve! The farm provides us with fresh-from-the-chickens eggs for our breakfast burritos and gives away millions of pounds of produce to charitable organizations every year.

The great weather brought out big crowds and our crew served fast and furiously! We saw some old friends (Dash stopped by on his bike) and made some new ones, as always. Thanks to all who came out to serve and to help behind the scenes.

Stats: 87 red beans & rice (turned out pretty darn tasty, if I do say so myself), 48 cornbread, 101 bag lunches, 5 bags of clementines, 80 pairs of socks, 90 hygiene kits, hundreds of masks, and 80 waters.

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