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Saturday, March 19

Truth is, I was really struggling this morning. I was going through the motions of getting everything ready for us to serve but all I wanted was to go back to bed and hide from the world. Thinking about our regular guests kept me putting one foot in front of the other, but honestly, that was all I had in me. It was less Love & Cornbread and more Cornbread & Trying to Keep It Together.

But then Gina and Jennifer showed up at my house to help transport everything down to the barber shop. And we packed the cars with bag lunches from Pam and Maria and handmade masks from Wendy's mom. And then I got down to the barbershop (after having to circle back because I forgot something......that kind of day), and saw Daryl, Barbara, Tom, Nina, Dan, Norma, Matt, and new volunteers Colin (who brought two big boxes of bananas!) and Jennifer already talking and laughing together.

And then I saw my favorite regular Bunny who had come by early to make sure he caught us. And I saw our beloved regular Bernadette sitting on the barbershop steps, looking for clementines to share with her daycare kids. And then Robert (Robert!) showed up looking healthy and fantastic - he used to pull his wheelchair up to our table in the early days and chat away with Janeene while he ate but we hadn't seen him in ages.

And then Meyagi from SafeStreets Sandtown came over and we talked about how his Shih Tzu bosses around his pit bull. And then our new friend Moses from the Center for Urban Families (CFUF) came by to visit with us and see what we do. And then Coach took a break from cutting hair to pass along some donated items and give me a hug.

And by the time I headed home an hour later, we had fed 100 people and I had remembered why we do this every week: because we ALL need a connection with other humans. Thank you, Love & Cornbread guests and volunteers, for reminding me why we do what we do. Already looking forward to next week. 🧡🧡🧡🧡

Stats: 91 chicken & rice soup, 100 bag lunches, 90 hygiene kits, homemade masks, 2 huge boxes of bananas and more.

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