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Saturday, Mar. 27 Update

A quick day today! We finished serving in 45 minutes flat, thanks to the nice weather and steady flow of people. I was sorry to be done so quickly, as I was having a great time chatting and enjoying the day.

Something I especially appreciated this week was the slow and steady deepening of connections with the people around us. We show up in a neighborhood that is not ours, and set up our tables in a physical space that is already occupied by others. It is a drug corner, and an increasingly active one as the weather gets warmer. But every week, we are actively helped and welcomed, and have been from the start. Every week, whoever is around - from young teens to senior citizens, generally all male - helps us load and unload our cars and set up our tables. This week, one gentleman earned a spontaneous high-five from all of us when he managed to figure out how to get three folding tables, two coolers, and our large wooden sign into the back of my tiny car. No small feat, but he wasn’t going to leave us until he figured it out and he wouldn’t let us ladies lift a thing. Another highlight was our good friend from the barber shop sending his 10 year old son over to help serve. He is a wonderful, sweet kid who loves to help people and it was pure joy to have him out there with us once again.

I think the reason we have been able to build these relationships over just a few months is that we do our best to return the respect and welcome that we have been given as interlopers in the neighborhood. No judging, no hoops to jump through, no commentary. We just want to feed people and make connections. If you’d like to join us, please do - it is far and away the best part of my week.

Stats: 50 servings of minestrone and cornbread, 2 gallons of hot coffee and 24 bottles of water. We handed out 40 bag lunches and 40 wellness kits plus a box of adorable tote bags!

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