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Saturday, Mar. 20 Update

Another beautiful day, another great crew of cooks, volunteers, and guests. The pace was slow and steady so we had lots of time to chat with our guests and each other while still giving everything away within an hour.

My two favorite interactions of the day:

  • The guest who walked off eating his baked ziti, then circled back to bring home a serving for his wife “because it was so good. She won’t eat just anything, but she likes your food.” As he was telling volunteer Deb this story, a friend of his walked by and he encouraged his buddy to get some ziti too. His friend said no, no, not interested. Then the first guy opened the container and showed him the ziti: “Look at this! This is good!” and the second guy said, “Okay, yeah, I want some of that.” We clapped and cheered - thank you to our cooking volunteers who cooked with extra love this week!

  • The guy who was just passing by who noticed me standing by our big wooden sign and said to me, “Love & Cornbread? That is a GOOD name. I really like that. You gotta trademark that. That is some good marketing right there. What more do you need than that? Love & Cornbread. That’s it!”

There is so much need in Baltimore and so many directions that Love & Cornbread could grow. But days like this - when we make people happy by serving them delicious food and we laugh with each other and with our guests - sure feel like the heart of our mission.

Stats: 50 servings of baked ziti and garlic bread, clementines and bananas, 2 gallons of hot coffee and 24 bottles of water. We handed out 40 bag lunches and 55 wellness kits plus 50 N95 masks, 30 homemade and 50 disposable masks and 12 reusable bags.

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