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Saturday, Mar. 13 Update

We had beautiful weather and a slow and steady flow of people - a great day. It was so much fun to be out with this wonderful crew of volunteers and hear them laughing and joking with our guests. We are here to feed anyone who is hungry (that's the Cornbread) but we are also here to connect neighbors and build community (that's the Love). Maybe it’s the pandemic isolation talking, but I live for these small connections. I talked to one neighborhood entrepreneur about the barbecue business he’s trying to start up, and I heard another volunteer talking to someone about programs designed to help people with low incomes get transportation. I also got to brainstorm with our volunteers about our spring menu - what should we serve and how should we serve it? We are excited for spring!

We also shared some information this week about a vaccination event occurring nearby. I’ve been following the amazing work of the Maryland Equity Vaccine Hunters who use their savvy to help marginalized people book appointments for vaccines. One of their volunteers alerted me to an event happening Saturday afternoon, open to all Baltimore city residents. So I printed out flyers and we handed them out. Some folks were interested, some were not, some had already gotten their first shot. I hope to continue sharing specific, actionable information about vaccine locations/times with our guests.

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