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Saturday, June 4

We switch up our menu in the summer and serve the tastiest sandwiches we can imagine (homemade chicken salad with apples and cranberries, Southern-style tuna salad with hard boiled eggs and sweet pickle relish, Old Bay egg salad, etc.) along with lots of fresh fruit.

We've also been giving away at-home Covid test kits every other week as part of a program from the Baltimore City Health Department designed to increase access to testing in underserved communities. We already had one regular guest come back and say how helpful it was to have the test when a member of his family felt sick. We're also now able to give away 500 masks a week, half of those K90s, thanks to this city program. Our guests are concerned about Covid and wear masks regularly. We're grateful to be able to supply them with fresh, new masks every week. Special thanks to volunteer Barbara for making this fantastic partnership with the city health department happen.

Stats: 109 tuna salad sandwiches, 60 turkey and cheese sandwiches, 19 pb&j, 180 test kits, 500 masks, 137 pairs of socks, 100 totebags, 150 bottles of water, 1 case of bananas, 8 bags of clementines, and lots of snacks.

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