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Saturday, June 26

The highlight of our day was getting to hang out with Chanse, son of our friend Coach at the barbershop. His dad was busy with customers so he sent Chanse out to help us. He’s an amazing kid and we love having him behind the table with us. Volunteer Jill hooked him up with a snowball as a thank you for his help, a brilliant idea on a hot day. And volunteer Terri was given a real workout keeping up with demand for our mango iced tea, but was cheerful and welcoming to all as usual. And we were so glad to have regular volunteer Janeene back with us.I am so grateful to this whole amazing crew.

I saw one of my favorite regulars who I think works for the city, as he often has on a reflective vest or similar construction-type clothing. He is a big, tall guy with a gentle way about him. When he told me his name was Bunny, I laughed because it was both perfect and not at all perfect for him, and asked where the name came from. He said it’s what his parents called him, and asked what my parents called me. I said, “Toot Toot” and he said, “Well, there you go.” Fair point, my friend!

We need your help to keep our service going through the busy summer months when many folks are on vacation. Can you prep bag lunches, make super-easy breakfast burritos, or join us for serving on Saturday at noon? It’s a quick and easy way to volunteer, you’ll be done by 1pm. Check out details at

Stats: 123 breakfast burritos, 40+ bag lunches, 5 gallons mango iced tea, 80 bottles of cold water, and clementines and bananas. We also handed out masks.

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