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Saturday, June 25

I'm going to share with you the worst picture ever taken of me because the story behind it makes me so happy. Our long-time friend Robert (who has watched out for us since day one) showed up today in his brand new motorized wheelchair! He was beaming. He said it's been in the works for ages but his new doctor knows how to make things happen and got it sorted out for him asap.

It was the first truly hot day so far this year and we are adapting to better serve our guests. Along with ice cold water this week, we gave away electrolyte drink mix packets to help folks avoid dehydration. We also continue to provide bananas and clementines each week for some bonus potassium and vitamin C. As the weather gets more intense, we'll give away baggies of ice that guests can put on their heads or necks for a quick cool-down.

And as we've doing every other week, we gave out 100 pairs of brand new socks, thanks to you, Cornbread Friends! It's so wonderful to be able to dig into our summer stash and pull out a box of new scoks ready to go, and our guests couldn't be more appreciative.

Stats: 86 tuna salad sandwiches, 82 turkey and cheese sandwiches, 39 PB&J, a case of bananas, 8 bags of clementines, tons of snacks, 143 waters, 100 hydration packets, 93 bars of soap, 100 pairs of socks, 500 masks, and a lot of hugs.

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