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Saturday, June 11

I served on a jury all week and by Friday I was emotionally drained. But yet again, Love & Cornbread's amazing volunteers came through. Jill did the weekly Costco run for me, and Terri and Maria helped with last-minute items on Saturday am. And when we all got down to the barbershop on Saturday, not only did it NOT rain on us, but there was a huge PARADE going down Pennsylvania Avenue. It was such a boost to see pom-poms waving and hear drum lines as the funky bass to our motown mix. (And if you took some fabulous parade pictures, please post in the comments below!)

I wish I had a picture to share of neighbor Jeffrey who talked with several of us about the work he's been doing to clean up the neighborhood and restore vacant properties. He thanked me for picking up the trash around the barbershop and said that he comes out when it's quiet and cleans the whole block. I suggested that we could do a joint clean up sometime. He said, "That'd be great! I usually like to come out about midnight. How's that for you?" I told him that is way past my bedtime but if he wants to pick some daylight hours I'm all in.

Stats: 67 Southern-style tuna salad sandwiches, 74 turkey & cheese, 14 PB&J, 120 bottles of water, a case of bananas, 8 bags of clementines, 145 bars of soap, 450 standard masks and 100 K90s, and a ton of snacks.

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