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Saturday, July 23

Love & Cornbread's Top Four Tips for Beating the Heat!

Be sure to check out corresponding photos below

Tip 1: Wear light clothing. If you are our friend Coach from the barber shop, that means dressing like somebody's dad going out to get the mail in the 1950's. (You know I love you, hon! ) But seriously, I love this picture of Héctor, Brandon, and Tom. These are wonderful men with huge, kind hearts.

Tip 2: Carry a wet towel. If you are lucky like us, your SafeStreets Sandtown friends Miyagi and Rochelle will drive by real quick and hand you a bunch of awesome Safe Streets towels just before you start serving. Thank you, Safe Streets!

Tip 3: Stay hydrated. If you are a Love & Cornbread guest, we'll load you up with two bottles of ice cold water and a cup of Gatorade to chug on the spot. Volunteer Antonio did a great job staying ahead of the big, thirsty crowd.

Tip 4: Keep it all in perspective. If you're our friend Darcy, that means cracking everybody up with your dance moves and then getting into a deep conversation about life, family, and how we all find our way through somehow. Darcy has a gift for connecting with people heart-to-heart. I know I'm not the only volunteer who has suddenly found myself talking with her like a long-lost friend.

Stats: 90 tuna salad sandwiches, 90 turkey and cheese, 42 PB&J, 8 bags clementines, a case of bananas, tons of snacks, 5 gallons of Gatorade, 200+ bottles of water, 64 bars of soap, 300 masks, and a lot of really sweaty hugs.

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