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Saturday, July 2

Okay, it was super hot, I was running late, and I forgot four different items I was supposed to bring, including the Bluetooth speaker for our tunes. But as usual, once I got to the barbershop, none of that mattered. First I saw our friend Coach for the first time in a while and got to give him a big hug. And then I saw so many friends and regulars greeting each other and helping to set up that it was impossible to stay cranky around so much good energy.

I stationed myself at the at-home Covid test/mask/soap table and got to chat with folks in line. Several people told me about their recent booster shots and we compared notes re side effects. We also served a mom who was just driving by with two little kids in the back seat and was curious about what we were doing. There was nowhere for her to park so we said, "We got you, hang on!", filled up a bag for her, and ran it over. She was tickled by the curbside delivery and kept thanking and blessing us over and over. We told her we were glad to do one small thing to make her day easier.

By the end of the hour, my heart was full and I was reminded once again that L&C really isn't about the food - it's about the connections that food allows us to make with each other. And as good as my chicken salad is, it's those connections that have us all coming back week after week.

Stats: 107 chicken salad sandwiches, 78 turkey and cheese sandwiches, 28 pb&j, a case of bananas, 8 bags of clementines, 140 bottled waters, 120 hydration packets, 500 masks, 87 at-home Covid test kits, 96 bars of soap, and 102 pairs of new socks.

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