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Saturday, July 16

So many fun pics and videos to share today! After our usual serving outside the barber shop, a group of us went over to help out our friend Meyagi at Safe Streets' Main Street Peace Summit in a park a few blocks away. A big crowd showed up for the amazing drum line, DJ, moonbounces, giveways, and food. Barb and I helped serve the hundreds of hamburgers and hot dogs cooked up by Chef "Big Ben" Thompson. Chef Thompson co-owns HoodFellas Bistro & Catering, which opened a few months ago in a gorgeous historic building downtown. (If you go for jury duty, check them out - HoodFellas is right across the street!)

A huge thunderstorm rolled in late afternoon so we got completely soaked at the end but we had a great time. My favorite guest, when she heard the drums starting, pretended to duck out of the hot dog line, saying, "Oh! I gotta go! My parade is starting! That's for me!" I said, "You go! I'll hold your hot dog!" :)

Stats: 96 tuna salad sandwiches, 96 turkey and cheese, 32 PB&J, covid home tests, masks, soap, a case of bananas, a case of clementines, 120 cold bottled water and many many snackaroonies.

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