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Saturday, July 10

Good vibes out there today! So many thank you’s, and god bless you’s, including from people who didn’t take anything, just wanted to say they appreciate our coming out to help. My favorite chat was with a new guest who said to me, “Wait, you have cornbread? Like, real cornbread, for real? You’re gonna have a riot out here! People LOVE cornbread!” I said, “It’s right there in our name and on the sign - I make it myself!” He promised to be first in line next week.

We had Chanse with us again, always a win. And we welcomed new volunteer Elisabeth who stepped into the fast-paced role of serving mango iced tea with aplomb. And as you’ll see on the photo of our sign, I’ve started advertising for volunteers while we’re serving. I want to make it easy for anyone who’d like to join us to feel comfortable saying so. And thank you to volunteer Mary Kay for being a fabulous regular volunteer in the bag lunch department.

Stats: 120 servings of red beans and rice and cornbread, 50+ bag lunches, 5 gallons mango iced tea, and 80 bottles of cold water We also handed out masks.

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