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Saturday, Jan. 29

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Cold! Windy! Knitted hats blowing off our tables! Guests chasing them down the block and bringing them back to us! That's the kind of day we had this week. We served toasty meatball subs, hot mint tea, and gave away lots of warm hats, scarves, socks, and hand-warmers. Our friend from SafeStreets Sandtown was back with us, and we were so glad to see him again.

It's been so busy that I have done proper thank you's in a while so I'll run down a few here with apologies to anyone I have missed:

Want to join us? Check out to learn more.

Stats: 96 meatball subs, 74 bag lunches, 5 gallons mint tea, 104 hygiene kits, 70 hats, 44 pairs of gloves, and 8 scarves and a lot of masks.

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