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Saturday, Jan. 9 Update

Saturday, Jan. 9 Update

Stats: 56 servings of minestrone plus with garlic bread, 2 bags of clementines, and 48 bottles of water.

For clothing, we handed out 45 sweaters, 17 coats, 55 pairs of gloves, 23 hats, 29 scarves, 29 pairs of socks, 12 pairs of pants, 2 sleeping bags, 11 blankets.

We also gave out 40+ wellness bags (2 masks, mini-sanitizer, lotion, and a granola bar) and 40+ lunch bags (PB&J, banana, and homemade cookies), plus another 50 reusable masks, 50 disposable masks, 30 face shields, 40 hand-warmers, and 48 mini-sanitizers.

We had more than ever to share today, thanks to all of you, and everything was still gone in less than 45 minutes. Our two volunteers were warm, friendly, and quick in serving everyone. We’ve started handing out the clothing first since it requires so much table space, and then bringing out the wellness supplies and food as we have room. Our three folding tables were piled high with boxes of clothing and every piece was gone in about 15 minutes

This was the first week that we were able to offer lunch bags alongside the main meal (thanks to a kind volunteer). The lunch bags were a huge hit with the PB&J and the homemade cookies. It felt great to be able to do even more this week to address peoples’ hunger directly, which was also made possible by another volunteer, who provided cooking help this week and dropped off 20 extra servings of soup.

The wellness bags assembled by yet another volunteer were also gone in the blink of an eye. We could give away masks and sanitizer all day and having these pre-made kits was an enormous help. Lotion is a new item for us to offer and is hugely appreciated, especially in this cold weather.

When I first started serving, people would always ask me, “Why are you out here all alone? Why don’t you have any helpers?” and I’d say, “I’m not that organized yet!” Now that I’ve gotten the volunteer sign-up page launched and you all are showing up in so many ways to help, I can’t imagine doing it any other way. Thank you for sharing the love.

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