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Saturday, Jan. 8

We were blown away by your incredibly generous response to our request for funds to purchase Cold Weather Kits and long underwear to help our guests through these freezing cold days and nights. Volunteer Janeene snagged more than 90 complete sets of long underwear from Costco for us this week, and then helped to give them all away on Saturday. Our guests were THRILLED and we will do it all over again next week. We also ordered the items for our Cold Weather Kits and we will be able to give away 100's of them (unbelievable!) over the next several Saturdays as well.

Your generosity was such an incredible blessing that we wanted to share it with our friend Pastor Keith Bailey at Eternal Flame Outreach Center just a few blocks down North Avenue. He serves individuals and families in need all week long and can reach people we'd never see during our quick in-and-out visits to the neighborhood on Saturdays. He'll be handing out long johns thanks to you this week as well.

The crowd was huge this week - well over 100 people served but everyone was patient and in good spirits. We had so much to share thanks to lots of last-minute surprise donations. I'm going to have to write a novel for this week's volunteer appreciation post. But the most important thing is that we served more guests than ever, and were able to give them the cold weather supplies they requested along with the hospitality we love to share in the form of homemade minestrone and cornbread, hot ginger tea and hot cocoa, lots of friendly conversation, and a variety of baked goods, knitted goods, and bag lunches made with love just for them). Thank you to the many, many of you who made this wonderful day possible through your time, effort, donations, and sharing of our message.

Stats: 93 minestrone soup, 48 cornbread, 5 bags clementines, 5 gallons hot cocoa, 5 gallons hot ginger tea, 50 bottles of water, 130 bag lunches, 70 hand-knit scarves and hats, and 50 cold-weather kits (a surprise donation, right on time!) and much more.

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