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Saturday, Jan. 30 Update

Volunteers and donors came through in amazing ways this week. Thanks to a mountain of donations from a post on NextDoor, we focused mainly on handing out coats and blankets this week. How many? Well, four cars full, thanks to all of the volunteers who came out to serve.

Some little helpers contributed 25 servings of banana oatmeal - see attached adorable pictures!

We also had snack packs, homemade cookies, lunch bags, and wellness kits which all were greatly appreciated by the crowd.

Stats: 40 servings of blueberry and banana oatmeal and 24 bottles of water.

We handed out a record 500 disposable masks and 80 reusable masks, along with 48 mini-sanitizers. We gave away 28 coats, and about 40 blankets, sleeping bags, and quilts, plus 65 new pairs of socks and 65 towels, most new. All of these items were in incredibly high demand and greatly appreciated. Every one of the 35+ backpacks, tote bags, duffel bags, and reusable bags were taken as well.

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