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Saturday, Jan. 23 Update

At the start of this week, the room where I store donations was completely empty. By Thursday, it so full I could barely open the door. Thank you, Next Door! I had such an amazing outpouring of support from neighbors who want to help.

I asked one gentleman who always hangs around and chats with us what else we could bring that might be useful. He said we could see from how fast everything goes that we are bringing the right stuff. His one suggestion: spaghetti. So that is now on the menu for two weeks from now. Volunteer cooks, please sign up if you’d like to help out! Go to for more info on this easy way to help.

Thanks to all of the incredible volunteers this week! One volunteer created a clever sleeping mat by weaving together plastic bags. It was impressive-looking and went fast, and a relative sent a batch of equally popular homemade masks.

Stats: 40 servings of split pea soup served with cornbread and 24 bottles of water.

For clothing, we handed out 38 blankets, 23 towels, 6 coats, 12 pairs of gloves, 31 hats, 32 scarves, 42 pairs of socks, 23 towels, and 1 hand-made braided sleeping mat.

We also gave out 40+ wellness items (masks, lotion, sanitizer, toothbrushes, and more) and 40+ lunch bags and snacks (pb&j, mandarins, pb crackers, and granola bars and about 100 (!!!) homemade cookies, half of which were red-white-blue inauguration themed), plus another 25 reusable masks, 200 disposable masks, 45 face shields, 40 hand-warmers, and 45 reusable bags.

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