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Saturday, Jan. 22

We tore it up today, serving more than 100 guests in less than an hour. Thanks to your generosity during our recent 48 hour fundraiser, we were able to give away 80 pairs of long johns and 100 cold-weather kits (nylon backpacks containing a hat, socks, gloves, neck gaiter, hand warmers, rain poncho and emergency blanket), all extremely helpful items in this bitter cold. Our guests were deeply appreciative.

We had 15 volunteers out serving today, another all-time high. New and returning volunteers worked together beautifully to keep the line moving smoothly while also taking time to chat with guests and make connections.

On a serious note, last week we mentioned how glad we were to be joined by Meyagi and Rochelle from SafeStreets Sandtown. This week, they spent their Saturday at a memorial for their colleague DaShawn Grier, a violence interrupter who was killed in a quadruple shooting on the East Side. We give thanks for DaShawn's life and want to acknowledge the loss to his friends, family, and Safe Streets colleagues.

Stats: Oh gosh, so much! 80 long johns, 100 cold-weather kits, 74 black bean soup, 48 cornbread, 102 bag lunches, hats and scarves and muffin-cakes, and more, plus 5 gallons of hot ginger tea.

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