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Saturday, Jan. 16 Update

Saturday, Jan. 16 Update

Stats: 50 servings of chicken noodle soup plus with cornbread and 48 bottles of water.

For clothing, we handed out 33 sweaters, 19 coats, 9 pairs of gloves, 12 hats, 18 scarves, 111 pairs of socks (!!!), 19 pairs of pants, 32 t-shirts, 6 pairs of long underwear, 5 pairs of boxers, 5 towels, 8 washcloths, 2 pillows, and 26 blankets,

We also gave out 40+ wellness items (masks, sanitizer, hairbrushes, pads, and lotion) and 40+ lunch bags (PB&J and clementines), and 8 dozen homemade cookies), plus another 50 reusable masks, 50 disposable masks, 20 face shields, 40 hand-warmers, and 45 reusable bags.

It was a lot of fun out there this week! Crazy busy, but a lot of fun. Several of the volunteer servers have joined me for a couple of Saturdays in a row now so they are becoming familiar faces to the people we serve too, which adds to the good feelings all around.

Coats and blankets were the top requests and it feels awful to tell someone we’re already out of such a critical item. Donations of coats and blankets (either good-quality used items or new) would be deeply appreciated for next week. We also gave out an amazing 111 pairs of socks, so warm, dark-colored socks would be welcome as well, along with sweaters, fleeces, hats, gloves, and other cold-weather items. And reusable bags (or old totes or backpacks, etc.) - heck yes, more of those please, too.

I had several sideline conversations with people about how they are doing, the state of the world, and in some cases, just plain nonsense. One man made us all laugh when he literally took his hat off to me when he heard that I was the one who made the cornbread. Another man explained that he is a retired homeowner in the neighborhood and gave me a $10 cash donation. He said that he wanted to support our project because we are people directly helping other people and that’s what the world needs. And I talked to an older woman who said she was homeless and overwhelmed, and needed one of everything we offered. I filled a bag for her with all of the warmest items I could find and wished I had more to give.

As always, everything we had to offer went like lightning. Three carloads of clothing and supplies were almost completely gone in 20 minutes. Thank you for your donations of time, of energy, and of needed items. I encourage anyone who is on the fence about helping to serve to bring along a friend and try it out. It feels fantastic to be out there, and we can always use extra helpers. Learn more and sign up on the Volunteer page at

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