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Saturday, Jan. 15

We've been putting the funds raised by this amazing community last week straight into purchasing items to help keep our guests warm and dry. This week we gave away 103 brand-new cold weather kits (backpacks with an emergency blanket, rain poncho, gloves, neck gaiter, hand warmers, socks, and more) and also placed an order for 80 pairs of long underwear which we'll give away next week, along with more kits. We served a record 123 people in less than hour. It was amazing how fast the time went and smoothly everything flowed.

This week's theme was partnerships. It feels so good to connect with so many different groups with similar missions:

  • We had our friends from Safe Streets with us for what we hope is just the first of many times. Meyagi and Rochelle helped us keep our line organized and were a great addition to our team. We loved having them join us.

  • We had Rodney Carr from the nearby iCARRe Foundation setting up alongside us to give away many bags of groceries to our guests

  • We had the board of the Mount Washington Improvement Association join us in all of our volunteer roles this week from A to Z, including serving in some serious cold weather

It was bitterly cold and we felt fortunate to have so many helpful items to offer this week, from hot chicken noodle soup and buttered cornbread to dozens of bag lunches, to hand-knit hats and scarves, to hand-warmers and sanitizer, to delicious baked goods and more. But the most important thing we offer each week is a warm welcome and a positive vibe. Our goal is to make our guests feel seen and appreciated, and every week, they turn it right around and give us the warmest and kindest thank you's and bless you's in return. Of all the metrics and numbers that I try to track each week, it's these deeply personal thank you's that matter to me the most and stay with me the longest.

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