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Saturday, Jan. 1

A rainy New Year's Day just means we had a chance to try out our new canopies! Thanks to your kind donations, we had plenty of room to keep our guests, our supplies, and ourselves dry in the steady drizzle. Despite the gloomy weather, everyone was in a good spirits and lots of folks wished us a Happy New Year on top of the blessings and thank yous that they always give us.

My favorite moment today was with a guest named Terri. She told us today was her birthday so, led by volunteer Nina, we sang Happy Birthday to her while she laughed and served us some sassy poses.

We also served some guests today who were in rough shape. It's difficult to pack up our tables and leave behind someone who is wet and cold and doesn't seem to have a place to go. We did our best and gave them everything we had that might be of comfort or help. Again thanks to your generous donations, we did pass out 50 cold weather kits, which are nylon backpacks containing rain ponchos, emergency blankets, hats, gloves, socks, gaiters, hand warmers, sanitizer, wet wipes, and masks.

Stats: 70 breakfast burritos, 5 bags of clementines, 50 oreo truffles, 50 cold weather kits, 50 Oreo truffles!, 50 bag lunches, dozens of hygiene kits, masks, and rain ponchos, and 75 bottles of water.

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