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Saturday, February 5

It was well below freezing at noon but we had a fun, bustling crowd AND we got to debut our brand new lanyards so what more could we ask? We had a great mix of new and returning volunteers which always makes things more fun. Who else stopped by to visit with us this week? Glad you asked!

  • Our friends Meyagi and Rochelle from SafeStreets Sandtown were back with us again this week and everyone was so glad to see them, from guests to volunteers. These two are basically celebrities - everyone wants to talk with them about what's happening in the neighborhood and across the city.

  • We had a visit from our friend Carl from Maryland Legal Aid and Baltimore Food Not Bombs as well. He let our guests know about the upcoming free legal clinic at the Enoch Pratt Pennsylvania Avenue branch just across the street. These free community clinics actually began in 2015 after the death of Freddie Gray when this branch of the library committed to remaining open and providing services throughout the days of protest that followed.

  • And Kathy Shulman stopped by to see us too. She's Director of Healthy Food Access at St. Vincent de Paul and was previously head of the Public Justice Center so we have lots in common with her here at L&C. She's running for state delegate on a platform of undoing the inequities created by redlining and other discriminatory practices in Baltimore City

We are on a roll these days - come join us! Learn how you can provide bag lunches, wellness kits, or come serve at We'd love to see you!

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