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Saturday, February 26

We got some flurries today while serving which made everything a little magical. Ms. Bernadette's grandson Quran ran around trying to catch them on his tongue. And Quran has developed a new form of greeting. Instead of his usual hug, he will now lock his arms around your waist and SQUUUUUEEEZZZE the stuffing out of you. It is completely adorable. After he squished me, I looked over at Jennifer M. who had just gotten a squeeze of her own from him and she said, "My dopamine is through the roof now!" Same, sister, same!

I also had a lovely chat with a gentleman I'd seen many times but never met properly before. Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" was playing on our speaker and I had just heard him say he was a drummer so I asked him to explain what makes this song so special. He broke it down for me (I confess I'm still a little confused but that's on me, not him) and then we talked about his funk band a while. They'll be playing around Baltimore this summer and I can tell you with 100% certainty that we'll be there Cornbreadin' it up when they do!

Thank you to the beautiful community of Penn North for being the highlight of my week.

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