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Saturday, Feb. 19

Lots of old and new friends out with us this week. We had folks from Return Home Baltimore and Turnaround Tuesday helping us serve. Both groups work to remove barriers to employment and housing for returning citizens. So glad to have them with us as we continue to learn more about the landscape of services in West Baltimore.

We had a mountain of breakfast burritos to serve this week (138!) and lots of lunches, baked goods and scarves from our friends at Lovely Yarns and beyond. Thank you knitters of all stripes!

Stats: 138 breakfast burritos, 80 bag lunches, 4 bunches of bananas, 5 bags of clementines, 80 cupcakes, 40 chocolate chip cookies, 5 gallons of hot mint tea, 80 bottles of water, 86 hygiene kits, and a lot of good vibes.

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