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Saturday, Feb. 6 Update

We are lucky to have so many helpers each week, and grateful for them all. This week's update is all about our serving volunteers. The highlight of Saturday’s service for me was seeing our group of volunteers (five first-timers plus one wonderful regular) working together so closely and well. I loved seeing them help our guests with so much care and kindness. One volunteer brought a vase of beautiful pink tulips which brightened up the table while we served and was then given to one of our local helpers. For me, the tulips symbolized our mission of trying to do more than just meet basic human needs. We offer food and supplies, but we seek community and connection with our neighbors. One woman told me she was glad to see us because “it helps on a hard day like this to know that someone cares.” I am so proud of the heart that all of our volunteers bring each week, whether that is face-to-face or via their home-cooking. It's clear that their warmth is felt and appreciated by our guests.

Another fantastic volunteer kindly took pictures of us while serving, posted below. The photographer asked permission of our guests before taking their pictures, so they are posted here with their consent.

Stats: 50 servings of baked ziti and 24 bottles of water.

We handed out 300+ disposable masks and 68 reusable masks, and thanks to some wonderful surprise donations this week, gave out 320 handwarmers, 60 mini-sanitizers. 30 new pairs of socks, 24 new gaiters, 12 new pairs of gloves, and 38 new hats. We also gave away 18 coats, 14 blankets, 35 sweaters, 26 towels, and 28 scarves. The reusable bags were in high demand as always as well

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