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Saturday, Feb. 26

18 serving volunteers out there today! That's a new record! (It must be the snazzy new lanyards drawing y'all in....) March and April volunteer sign up spots are now open! Serving helpers, bag lunch makers, and hygiene kit/item donors - we need you all! Sign up here:

It was so much fun today - our birthday girl got serenaded by a guest, I got to take a selfie with my favorite regular, and it just felt like a party. I can't wait for warmer weather when we can fulfill my dream of a Soul Train line. WHO IS WITH ME? WHO HAS A BIGGER SOUND SYSTEM AND A FUNKIER PLAYLIST? HELP ME OUT, PEEPS! THIS IS MY DREAM!

Stats: 106 beef chili, 102 cornbread, 62 waters, 5 gallons hot peppermint tea, 8 dozen cookies from the The Avenue Bakery right around the corner, 48 hygiene kits, dozens of masks, and our last batch of 48 hats and scarves.

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