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Saturday, Feb. 20 Update

Hoo boy, it was cold and icy out there this week, but our volunteers came through as always. Hot chicken noodle soup definitely hit the spot. Special thanks to the Notre Dame College of Maryland students who provided PB&J and turkey & cheese bag lunches for our guests this week.

I don’t have any great stories or pictures to share this week as we had the largest crowd I’ve seen yet and things were hectic. I think it was partially the cold, and partially the fact that word is starting to get around about Saturdays at noon. I’m putting my head together with several regular volunteers this week to come up with a better way to organize the crowd now that we are seeing so many more people each week.

Stats: 50 servings of chicken noodle soup with cheddar cornbread and 24 bottles of water.

We handed out 40 bag lunches, 300+ disposable masks, 45 reusable masks, 40 handwarmers, 50 mini-sanitizers, plus toothbrushes, soap, tissues, bandages, and wet -wipes. Clothing and blankets were minimal this week as we have been scaling back donation requests and trying to clear out all donated items before the end of the month: 7 scarves, 4 hats, 5 blankets, and 4 coats.

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