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Saturday, February 18

Today wasn't just the busiest Saturday I have ever seen: it was also the most thankful? full of thanks? thankiest? No less than four times yesterday did a guest make a point of standing still, looking me directly in the eye, and telling me why and how much they appreciated us coming out every week, how we have other things we could be doing, how much they miss us when they can't make it, and how it's not just our food they appreciate but the good feelings we bring.

And these kind words weren't even directed at me in particular - I hadn't done anything special to deserve this gratitude. I just stumbled into these thank you's as these guests were thanking the volunteers nearest them before heading home. Every time, I said, "I love being here with you. It's the highlight of my week. Thank you for coming." And I mean it with my whole heart. It astounds me every week to see what we all - guests and volunteers - create together, out of thin air, in the middle of the sidewalk, each week. It really is magic.

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